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How To Setup MonsterVPN on VU+ or other Enigma2 Satellite Boxes
Last Updated about a month ago

1. Go to and log in using the details from your welcome email.
2. Go to Generate OVPN Config.
3. Choose the server you would like to connect to and click Generate.
4. Save the OVPN Config file for the next step.
5. Rename the ovpn file to client.conf.
6. Open the client.conf in a text editor (for example Notepad++ and modify the line “auth-user-pass” so it reads “auth-user-pass password.conf” (without the quotes)
7. Create a password.conf file (create a text file named password.conf – make sure it does not have .txt at the end)
8. Find your welcome email or go to MonsterVPN Website -> My Account -> VPN Account Details and enter the email address and password into the password.conf file so the email and password are by themselves on separate lines, eg:
9. Create a new folder in your VU/Enigma box in the etc folder and name it openvpn. Then place the 2 files (client.conf, password.conf) into etc/openvpn.
10. Reboot your vu+
11. Go to Settings>Network>Services>openvpn and install it then start the OPENVPN service. Choose to autorun if you want to.

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